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Project Description

A windows application for editing YouTube playlists. Contains rich functionality for modifying, sorting, exporting YouTube playlists. Also provides a Desktop YouTube Player.

Main Features

  • Sort Songs By Artist or Title
  • Export all Song Titles to text file
  • Easier Modifying of Songs Order in the Playlist
  • Fast keys for Modification
  • Remove songs
  • Desktop YouTube Player
  • Supports Songs Queue
  • On Type Search - Songs
  • Different Themes

Edit YouTube Playlists View

YouTube Desktop Player

White Theme Preview

Currently the app is using my private Google Developer key in order to get all playlists and songs. I'm using the free version of the YouTube API which means that the quota usage is limited. If you experience problems you can always create your own authentication key to get larger quotas.

You can get more information on the matter in my blog post- "YouTube API Getting Started .NET Code"-

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